In April, our club members volunteered for Hope Rising Farm's new property.   We prepped, we painted, demolished, cleaned and generally helped get a huge barn ready for the horses and donkeys that are soon to move in. This was a fun few days of fellowship, service, laugher, hard work, and some delicious barbeques!
The weekend of the 21st and 22nd May was a Chiefs home game which meant Waikato Sunrise Members and their family and friends would be volunteering at Waikato Stadium, so they chose Saturday 30th April to complete their “Rotary Extravaganza Weekend” volunteering project.
“The project was to paint the Barn. Sounds easy but was far more involved than anticipated. An advance party on Thursday and Friday made up of Rotarians, their family and friends replaced some of the ply, prepped and battened the ends of the barn as well prepping the roof. We also managed to get one coat of paint on both ends of the barn. 6 hours each day.
There was a good turnout on Saturday and as it was advisable not to have to many on the roof at once, some of us undertook other projects including dismantling a shed that would be refurbished and used elsewhere, moving large hunks of concrete from in and around the barn to a pit, cleaning up around a shed, cleaning and sanding some grates to go back inside the barn. Overall, a great day and everyone was happy with the work achieved.
Thanks heaps to all our members and their families and friends who volunteered, with an extra thanks to Bryce and Jeff for their input”.