Posted on Feb 19, 2018
We have received a letter from the Kioa Island school with an update since we assisted them last year...
Dear sir,
I wish to convey our heartfelt gratitude for all of the assistance rendered to the school last year, which included the following:
  • Renovation and conversion of the school resources centre
  • Erection of the school resources centre water tank
  • Renovation of teachers' quarters bathroom and toilet
  • Renovation of the whole school-classrooms
  • Funding of the preschool operation
  • Library books for the school library
The assistance that was received truly enhanced the teaching and learning programmes as the classrooms were conducive for teaching and learning. The whole community was pleased with the look of the school as they prepared for the 70th Anniversary Celebration last year. This boosted our morale to work harder in achieving our goals, thus fulfilling our vision and mission. As a result, we did really well with our external examination result scoring 100% in year 6 and 87.75% in year 8. We achieved 100% pass in all subjects for year 6. This is a truly outstanding performance and we wouldn't have attained this if we didn't receive support from Rotary. 
At the time we received the assistance we made it our commitment to prove through our combined efforts that such assistance can bring changes in the school, especially in the performance of students academically. This we have proven, and wish to ascertain that the assistance provided by Rotary has been put to good use, and this has paid off well. 
We dedicate this August achievement to the Rotary club of Taveuni, the Raikivi Team and all those who have lent a helping hand to this remote island school. 
We thank you once again from our hearts and look forward to your continued support this year. 
God Bless.
Fiafia Sakaio
Kioa Island School
Tavenui, Fiji