RYPEN – Rotary youth programme of enrichment

Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment (RYPEN) is a fun residential weekend where the participants participate in a range of outdoor activities designed to build their self-worth in a way that they can value  themselves as “Person of the Year”, make new friendships and connections, perhaps listen to inspirational

guest speakers, and use this developed belief in themselves constructively in a team environment. It is an adventure that will change their lives!

We have received some feedback from two of our sponsored candidates. The RYPEN Camp was held on the 15th–17th of May and involved participation in a number of outdoor and indoor activities aimed at personal development skills…


Ngaramai with her certificate“I loved the RYPEN camp because it helped me be more confident in different things, I got to meet more people and make more friends that I will miss, I learnt more about what Rotary does and how they help with many things and people around the world like how they helped a 4 year old with cerebral palsy who couldn’t walk or talk very well, raise 10,000 dollars which bought him an ordinary wheel chair, a special car and wheelchair that came with the car.

My favourite part of the camp would probably be the horse trekking, flying fox, tug of war, or when we all were together and had a rotary talk  because it was fun and I learnt about other people. I would like to thank all the people who made the camp a wonderful success and  enjoyable, I would also like to thank the Rotary camp for sponsoring and selecting me for this camp, but also my teacher Joseph Roa for being a very supportive and encouraging person in my learning. If you get an opportunity to attend this camp I would highly recommend it.

In the future my aim is to help others through the Rotary club.”


RYPEN Waikato 2015 Melina  457“Two weeks ago, on the 15th-17th May, I was selected by the Rotary club to partake in a confidence and team building camp at the Rangiriri Lakewood Lodge camp site. During the weekend I learnt many new skills and made a bunch of new friends whom I still keep in close contact  with. I was terrified to go and to spend a weekend with strangers but I still went, knowing that my time on the camp would be entertaining and pleasurable once I had settled in and, as I assumed, I was unwilling and disappointed to go home on Sunday.

I learnt many team work skills which particularly took place in the activity of the low ropes course. This activity meant that you had to trust and have faith in your teammates and communicate together. We had to work together to complete the challenges. Other activities consisted of kayaking, horse trekking, flying fox and the eleven metre climbing wall. All these activities involved team work skills, the courage and confidence to try new things and attempt things outside of our own comfort zone. A particular example of this for me was when I was given the choice to go down the flying fox, but with a twist, upside down and without holding on to anything. This for me was the ultimate challenge.

On the camp, I also learnt new skills, for example, how to ride a horse and how to belay someone who was climbing up the rock climbing wall. We also had a couple of talks from the Rotary team which helped to expand our understanding on the Rotary and RYPEN associations and why we were selected for the opportunities to go on the camp. We also had a Police officer come in and share his experiences about his career and society these days.
Overall, the camp was a huge success and all the camp staff and Rotary people were approachable and friendly. The camp site was tidy and  exciting and all meals were fulfilling and delicious. I enjoyed meeting many new people from all over Waikato and with going to many  engaging activities and all the great things that Rotary clubs do in the community, in the country and the world. If given the opportunity to partake in the camp again, I would undoubtedly accept.”
Kind Regards,
Melina Gray